Shelf companies – special offer!


Only for 3357,80zł



Running a business in Poland has never been so simple! Due to our offer you may get the ready-made company, which has already been registered with full office service.
As a leader in Polish market, we would like to provide foreign clients with fully functional offices as well as full accountancy. Our main feature is to be flexible, so that we created the 3in1 package, especially for the foreign Clients.





Ready-made company:

You can buy a ready-made, registered limited liability company, Ltd. with clean background check any time. It is the best solution when you need to start your business immediately. Saving time is saving money!
We offer registered companies, with which you can start your business on the day of purchase. Our companies are attributed identification numbers of the National Court Register (KRS), National Business Registry (REGON) and the Tax Office (NIP).
Moreover, we make any changes in a company if requested, like changing its office, composition of the management board, renaming it or modifying its PKD code (Polish Classification of Business Activity), etc.

PRICE : 2999zł






After purchasing the company, you will get an address in the city you chose. All of our offices are located in a central, prestiguous parts of city. Together with the address, you will get our secretary service, who will care about your correspondence and problems connected with your company activity. Every coming correspondence will be received by assistant and you will be informed about this fact via e-mail. All these services you may get for free!


You may also chose our extra services such as:
-dedicated telephone number with service (310zł) – with this service, your company may get the individual, dedicated telephone number with service. Every call will be answered by our assistant, who will give the information that you include. Every call is recorded, so that you may always listen to it.
-correspondence’s scans (310zł) – due to this service, all coming correspondence will be opened and scanned for you. According to this, you will be always on time with everything.






In order to this package, you will be on time with all financial matters connected with your company activity. You may also ask an accountant any time you need help with these. The basic package include up to five financial documents per month and costs only 358,80zł/net per month.

Other options listed below:

  • Up to 5 documents – 358,80zł/net
  • Up to 15 documents – 478,80zł/net
  • Up to 25 documents – 598,80zł/net
  • Up to 50 documents – 778,80zł/net
  • Up to 75 documents – 1018,80zł/net
  • Up to 100 documents – 1198,80zł/net


Every additional document – 10zł



  • Ready made company = 2999zł
  • Address = 0zł
  • Accountancy = 358,80zł
  • 3 in 1 package = 3357,80zł



It is easy, isn’t it?