The company in Cyprus is a perfect solution for running a business within the territority of the European Union as well as other parts of the world.

Cyprus is a full member of EU and it levies the lowest tax in amount of 10%. The base of running a business in Cyprus is trust. Due to our leadership on the market and experience, we care about the highest quality of our services. So that we act and cooperate only with reliable and honest partners.

Requirements regarding the structure of the company:

Shareholders – Cyprus company needs to have minimum 1 shareholder (natura lor legal person). We offer a Nominee Director that preserves confidentiality and anonymity to the client.

Directors – The structure of the company requires minimum 1 director. It can be natural or legal entity – resident of Cyprus or other country. We provide to our clients Nominee Directors – residents of Cyprus. Having a Nominee Director from the Cyprus is necessary to use the lowest tax system.

Secretary – We provide every company with a secretary.

Address – The company is obliged to have official address in the territority of Cyprus.

We always suggest to our clients that the majority of the Board of Directors to be from Cyprus so that the Company will be Tax Resident of Cyprus and will be able to obtain Tax Residency Certificate and benefit from the Double Tax Treaties which Cyprus has entered into with various states.

Our offer includes buying or registering of a new company in Cyprus for 4399 EU/net. The price contains:

  • registering / buying
  • registered address
  • secretary (from Cyprus)
  • Nominee Director (from Cyprus)
  • seal
  • delivery costs

Total costs in the next years – 1599 EU/net.

Time needed – five working days for the Registrar of Cyprus Companies to register a Company.